Get My Legal Docs

Access Your Legal Documents from Anywhere. is a subscription service that ensures you and your health care providers will have access to important documents like Advance Medical Care Directives, Living Wills and Health Care Powers of Attorney from anywhere there is internet access. Your card is the key to being sure that your health care instructions are available to securely download or fax to wherever they might be needed.

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  • 1 Send us your documents and the Valued Customer Agreement, and we'll store them on our secure server.
  • 2 You'll receive a card with document retrieval information and emergency contact details to keep in your wallet.
  • 3 Sign in to your Get My Legal Docs account to securely view, download, or fax your documents at any time.
  • Security
    Your privacy and security are our top priority. uses a secure server and layers of security, ensuring that the only way that people can access your documents is with your Username and Client Code. All faxes are sent using HIPAA compliant faxing services.
  • Access
    The durable wallet card that we provide contains all of the information that you will need to access your documents and send them where they are needed. The card should be placed in your wallet directly behind your insurance card, so that health care providers are sure to find it, even if you are not responsive.
  • Peace of Mind
    For one flat fee, know that your important health care instructions will be available online for your lifetime. Unlike other document storage providers, will not require you to pay to renew your subscription. Never worry about renewal fees and travel with confidence.